Own a boutique?


Do you own operate a boutique? What separates your boutique from others?

Do you teach a group exercise, yoga or dance class?

Show us your moves!


Do you host socially smart and savvy events? 

Do you own or manage a hot spot like a restaurant, bar & lounge, or other creative space? 

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Two words: Food Porn!

What's your specialty? Do you have a unique menu? 

Are you performing? When? Where?

Have a fabulous show coming up? Do you want the cast of your show to appear on Socially Smart and Savvy? 

Are you a tattoo artist?

Do you own or work in a tattoo shop? What stands out about your work? 

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Do you belong to a Book Club?

Do you belong to a book club? How often do you read new books? Would you like to invite more people to join?

Are you a local artist or artisan?

If you are a local artisan and would like your studio or next exhibit to be featured?


Is your LBGTQ community doing great things in the community you want everyone to know about?

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Do you run a motorcycle club?

Are you a member of a motorcycle or social club giving back to the community?

Are you a part of a house of prayer or worship?

Do you have a church, temple or meditation center you would like to welcome newcomers?

Are you an alternative health practioner?

Would you like to share your alternative health practice and services?

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